Our Team


Dr. He is the third generation TCM practitio-ner. He has studied TCM from his parents since 1997, and practiced Chinese Medicine since 2002. He is currently teaching in the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, supervising clinical practice. He is specializing in the treatment of a wide variety of medical problems, in particular pain man-agement and digestive disorder.



Dr. Hongjiang Wang is a licensed and practicing acupuncturist with extensive education and experience in healthcare, who especially skilled at acupuncture pain management combined with Qi Gong treatment. And acupuncture treatment of PTSD, chronic neck/shoulder/back disease, sciatica, stomach pain, ulcerative colitis, skin disorders (e.g. eczema), gynecological diseases (e.g. menstrual disorder, infertility, Dysmenorrhea), uterine fibroid, kidney disease (e.g. glomerulonephritis), professional pediatric massage for pediatric indigestion.



Dr. Ronghai Wang has been learning Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  from his father since he was a child, witnessed many real cases, and studied classic Chinese medicine books under the guidance of his father. He graduated from Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2002, was admitted as a practicing physician of Chinese medicine in 2006, and  as an attending physician in 2014. In order to inherit the culture of Chinese medicine, he followed the famous local acupuncturists and Tuina therapists to study the holistic concept of traditional Chinese medicine and the principle of pattern differentiation. He was once a council member of the municipal traditional Tuina massage technique society. In order to give full effort  to the characteristic treatment of Chinese medicine, he has worked in the rehabilitation center of a municipal Chinese medicine hospital for many years and accumulated a lot of clinical experience. He is good at dialectically treating various chronic diseases with acupuncture and Tuina massage , especially treating cervical disorders, frozen shoulder, lumbar spondylosis, knee pain and  post- traumatic symptoms.


We have several experienced professional certified massage therapists. All of them have been trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine School.